🌟Introducing Balancing Bliss: Your Path to Work-Life Harmony!🌟

Are you a dedicated wedding professional, pouring your heart and soul into creating dream weddings for others, but feeling like you've lost sight of your own dreams along the way?

Do late-night consultations, endless to-do lists, and client demands leave you yearning for more time, energy, and joy in your personal life?

Let's do something about it!

Map out a blueprint for long-term success in the wedding industry without compromising your well-being.

Your Dream Wedding Business Awaits... WITH Balance!

Our 6-module program covers the essential aspects of achieving work-life harmony for wedding professionals, without becoming an additional source of overwhelm.

Assessing Your Current Work-Life Balance

Time Management Strategy

Establishing Boundaries and Setting Priorities

Self-Care and Well-being Practices

Maintaining Work-Life Balance in the Long Term

Tools & Resources

See the transformation in your business AND personal life as you implement the strategies included.

🎁 Bonuses🎁

- 47 Page Self Care Planner

- Time Blocking Excel Template

- Get your burning questions answered in our Facebook Group

I'm Leigh Rivero- owner of The Wedpreneur LLC. I help wedding professionals to build sustainable & profitable businesses.

I created Balancing Bliss as a Self Paced online course for Wedding Professionals seeking assistance in the pursuit of work/life harmony.

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